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Business Strategy

Focused on our key words: Heat and Water, we are committed to creating new manufacturing activity in Hokkaido and Tohoku (the northern area of Japan).

Developing new uses of energy to provide a comfortable environment.

Toshio Abe

Our Business Strategy: 

Our corporate theme is Heat and Water; and as times changes; and as our science progresses; and with our high technology and cost-effective solutions, we will improve northern Japan’s living standard.  Kohno Co. intends to create new industry in Tohoku and Hokkaido. 

Since Japan has few natural resources, high-energy efficiency is our biggest and most important challenge.  In Hokkaido and Tohoku, we consume a lot of fuel to protect us from severe winter weather.  Kohno Co.’s corporate goal is to create highly energy-efficient technology.
Kohno Co. is also an agent for Nippon Thermoener Corp, a boiler manufacturer.  In addition, we are the exclusive agent in Hokkaido for Nissei Oval Corp., an infra-red heating product manufacturer.  Kohno Co. designs and develops products and applications for Nissei Oval Corp. 
Recently, the application of infra-red technology has become a popular topic in heating, drying, medical and food processing industries.  The design of high-capacity infra-red generators is one of Kohno Co.’s strongest fields of expertise.


In 2009, after we began selling our infra-red swimming pool heaters, we designed and began marketing our newest heating product:  the HPH Heat-siphon Permanent Heater; our free-standing convection panel heater with integral steam generator and forced-air combustion fan.

In addition, we are developing an energy-efficient system device, using electronics and mechatronics technology; and developing new heating fuels, while continuing to improve our basic and existing applied technology.  Kohno Co. intends to export our products to countries located in cold climates.

Now we are actively developing a new, revolutionary product; set to be introduced to the market in 2015. 

Kohno Co. is focused on educating our employees to be independent, creative thinkers, treat others fairly, and develop their own global personality.

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