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Kohno Co. General Information

Creating a Comfortable Environment with Minimal Energy Input

Company Name: Kohno Co., Ltd
Date of Establishment: May 4, 1979
Accumulated Capital: Y55,000,000 = $705,000
Company Address
Head Office and Factory

Sapporo Office

213-82 Nishi-Kikyo-Cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido 041-0824, Japan
Tel: +81 138-49-1071
Fax: +81 138-49-6246

8-2-1 Kita 8-Jo-Higashi, Higasi-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 065-0008, Japan
Tel: +81 11-712-7277
Fax: +81 11-721-2722

Product Information

Kohno Co. Original Products:

HPH (Heat-siphon, free-standing panel heater with Integral heat source)
Products Manufactured by Nippon Thermoener Corp.*
Kohno Co., Representative for Southern Hokkaido Area
Vacuum Boiler
Steam Boiler
Heat Exchanger
Products Manufactured by Nissei Oval Corp.
Kohno Co., Sole Representative for Hokkaido
Infra-red Heating Units
Infra-red Sauna
Filtration Unit
No. of Employees: 26 (as of Sep., 2012)
Consisting of: 23 Male
3 Female
Company Management Team: Toshio Abe, President
KenOh Kudo, Derector
Banks: Hokuyo Bank,
Japan Finance Corporation
In 2004 Takuma Corp. and Ebara Boiler Corp. combined into Nippon Thermoener Corp.

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