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Applyng Heat and Water  

HPH Marketing

HPH Brochures and Specifications(PDF : 1.47MB)

It is generally recognized that gentle, natural convection and radiation heating from a panel heater is the most ideal heating system, but this system technology, historically, required high installed and operating cost.  Therefore, it was not well-adopted in the marketplace.  Kohno Co., after many years of research and development to reduce these two costs, has created the HPH free-standing convection panel heater with integral steam generator and forced-air combustion fan, which successfully solves these two issues.

In 2002, we built the first HPH prototype.  In 2004, we began selling trial units for product testing.  Finally, in 2009 Kohno Co. introduced our line of HPH products to the general market.  HPH employs a large heating panel in a thin profile cabinet that creates gentle, natural convection/radiation heating.  Water that is vacuum-sealed in the heating panel is rapidly converted to 85C/185F steam by the integral burner, which quickly heats the room.  In the past, schools and other institutional buildings used hot water central heating systems; but since 1980 lower cost direct-fired, forced air heating systems have been used more and more.  However, the direct-fired heating system creates excessively dry air and throat discomfort; temperature stratification in the room;  and uneven room temperatures.  HPH solves these problems by providing a  more uniform  and healthier heating process; with a dramatic improvement in cost effectiveness.  We are confident that the HPH heating system will become the No. 1 heating product in the future.

Junior High School
Elementary School
Regional Community Center
  Nursery home

Boiler Marketing

Takuma Corp., a Japanese boiler manufacturer, is a patent licensee of Stolz Co., a Swiss manufacturer.  Takuma Corp, after 8 years of research and development, has introduced their new boiler product line. Using a vacuum-sealed system, the new boiler design achieves higher efficiency and lower heat loss, which dramatically reduces energy costs.  This new boiler design is revolutionary and the first of its kind in the world.  With this design, world class performance is achieved in cost effectiveness, safety, durability and quality.  Combining mechanical and electronic engineering; and installing a microcomputer, the boiler design is able to control water temperature more accurately and achieve lower energy cost.  The focus of the boiler design is to achieve high efficiency, low operating cost and easy maintenance.  

City hall


Far Infra-red Device Marketing

Infra-red rays create heat by striking an object, or clothes, or skin; without heating the air in between. Unlike the heating system that heats air directly, this is a more natural heating system because it does not require the movement of air to heat a room and does not scatter dust or germs in the room.  Moreover, it can be installed in the ceiling or corner and doesn’t take up floor space.  Compared to a convection heating system, infra-red operating cost is 50% less.

Wholesale Market

  School (Entrance Lobby)

Kohno Co. Far Infra-red Heating Unit
(Built with Kohno Co. Technology)

This is our multi-purpose, portable, infra-red space heater.  No installation required.  Requires 100 VAC power.  Simple, economical operation.  Common application is for swimming pool buildings.

Portable, Far Infra-red Heater OPV-208 (Natsu Taro)

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